Runway Heels Achieves Crowdfunding Success with Comfy and Stylish Heels


Why should women have to choose between fashion and comfort when it comes to shoes? For years, women have had a love-hate relationship with high heels. They’re stylish and gorgeous, but they do take a toll on your feet.

Nobody understands this more than female flight attendants. Melody Avecilla, an entrepreneur and former flight attendant, imagined a shoe that would easily transform from high-heels to flats, and launched the industry’s first patented retractable high heels. Her new company, Runway Heels, launched with a very successful crowdfunding round on Indiegogo, easily exceeding her initial fundraising goal with orders ready to ship by Thanksgiving.

The response has been overwhelming. “We got global requests for interviews from London and Columbia, with live Q and A from listeners,” said Avecilla. “A major TV network also contacted us for their morning show appearance and several major newspapers have featured us as an upcoming fashion tech trendsetter.”

Avecilla says that interest has grown, not just from consumers and influencers, but also from international distributors.

The high heel shoes transform into flats with the touch of a button, giving women relief from painful foot problems and potential medical issues, while still retaining the style and flair of heels. The shoes feature a Swedish-designed, steel-grade mechanism that allows for instant conversion between heels and flats. The shoes also include antimicrobial memory foam technology for additional comfort.

According to Avecilla, the design was initially met with resistance from fashion industry insiders who refuse to think out of the box. Not one to be deterred, Avecilla founded her own company, went outside of the traditional fashion industry, and worked with a firm in Silicon Valley called Daylight who designed the prototype. “These are world-class Silicon Valley engineers who knew nothing about women’s shoes,” said Avecilla. “But they were up to the challenge. They got our vision and did an amazing job.”

The Indiegogo round may be over, but you can still order these gorgeous and comfortable shoes on pre-sale on the Runway Heels website.

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