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Reasons Why managed Student Housing Is The Smarter Option For Students



Just about a decade back, the PG/hostel living experience across major cities in the country could be best described as an ‘adjustment’. Though nostalgia about your days of living independently, making new friends, and experiencing new things might make PG/hostel life seem wonderful in retrospect, the amenities and services you had to adjust with were terrible. Leaky, cramped and crumbling infrastructure, unpalatable, oily food, uncaring landlords were a common factor in most traditional PG/hostel living stories. Today, you have an option. Increasingly, parents, students, and even colleges are learning about managed student housing operators and partnering them for their children/students. These are professionally run spaces where everything from furniture to lifestyle amenities like food, WIFI, housekeeping, laundry, etc are taken care of. 


Not only are students guaranteed a great living experience during the duration of their stay, but no one has to compromise on factors like space, freedom, and reliability in a new city. With educational institutions opening, parents are now closing on safe and hygienic accommodation options for their children. Here’s why a professionally managed accommodation facility is the best way to go:

Safety & Security: 

The primary concern for anyone is the safety and security that’s provided at the accommodation facility in a new city. While the security guard at traditional PGs/Hostels with his lathi does a one-man job, professionally managed accommodation spaces not only have a security guard but other multi-tiered security systems (CCTVs, perimeter fencing, biometric access) so there is no one undetected entry into the property. With companies like Stanza Living, one can be assured of state-of-the-art security systems and security partners without the need for any concern.

Assured healthy meals:

Home away from home can only happen if you don’t have to worry about home-like food. Tales of PG/hostel food have been sometimes scarring – from poor choices, limited quantity to inedible food. Now, food shouldn’t be a concern at all. With players like Stanza Living, residents can opt from multiple menu options, enjoy regional delicacies and pick the choicest dishes curated by some of the biggest culinary names in the industry. On special occasions there are live counters where you can enjoy festive foods, making student life more enjoyable. 

Hygiene & Sanitization covered:

The biggest fear due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is the living situation of students who travel to new cities. Instead of depending on vendors and external household staff, living in professional student housing means housekeeping, food, etc is all managed through the internal staff. The entire premises undergo thorough sanitization and frequent cleaning processes, there is minimal contact delivery of services, thermal checks are done for all people entering the space, social distancing is encouraged. The idea is to deliver a COVID-proofed, safe, and comfortable living space you would love to call home.

Community & Network:

The millennial generation is always looking forward to new experiences and new milestones. Moving to a new city and being independent is both exciting and daunting. Making new friends, meeting different people, sharing interests, experiencing life, and learning with them are only some of the benefits of community-centered living. Several managed accommodation providers organize leisure activities and social events to help residents socialize, relax, and enjoy while increasing the possibilities of social networking.


Now that professional accommodation operators are present extensively across many cities in India, we believe finding them and booking your space shouldn’t be a hassle. Their presence in all education hubs and IT hubs makes commuting also a better experience. Instead of having to bifurcate expenses on house-help, bills, food, WIFI, rent, laundry, and maintenance, you can get an all-inclusive experience with a full-furnished, amenity-rich student housing facility, making life easier for students and parents alike. Considering a well-managed student housing facility boosts holistic growth for students, parents have begun to welcome the idea with open arms.

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