Most Expensive Sneakers in the World


Sneakers have become a commodity. From signed pairs to limited-edition drops, sneakers can go for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So what are some of the most expensive sneakers in the world?

Sneaker collectors are literally sitting on a fortune. Here are the top five most expensive sneakers as of now:

Air Jordan 1s Game-Worn Signed

Air Jordan’s are already some of the most sought after sneakers, but when they are worn and signed by Michael Jordan, that’s a whole another thing. This pair of Air Jordan 1s Game-Worn and Signed recently went for a whopping $560,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. Making them the most expensive sneakers in the world.

These are markedly different from some of the game-worn and signed sneakers we have seen. Firstly, they are the 1s, the original sneakers that started the sneaker revolution, so to speak. Secondly, they are quite worn out. However, that didn’t stop it from becoming the most expensive sneaker to date.

Nike Moon Shoe

Before the Sotheby’s auction this year, Nike Moon Shoes were the most expensive, with a value of $437,500. The Nike Moon shoe is iconic because of the waffle sole that Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman created using his wife’s waffle iron.

There are only 12 pairs of these shoes in existence today. They were first designed for Olympics trials in 1972. This one was also sold at a Sotheby’s auction and bought by Canadian collector Miles Nadal.

Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse Fast Breakers

This is yet another game-worn pair of sneakers from the legend. These autographed converse shoes went for $190,373. Michael Jordan wore these at the 1984 Olympics game against Spain. This was before he joined forces with Nike to create Air Jordan.

These were not auctioned until decades later of the Olympics game in Los Angeles, where team US won gold. They quickly crossed the expected selling price of $100,000.

Buscemi 100 MM Diamond

Adding diamond and precious stones to sneakers is a relatively new trend, but one that’s catching on rapidly. These Buscemi sneakers are one of a kind, decorated with 11.5 karats diamonds in 18 karats gold. It doesn’t get any more luxurious than this.

These blingy white sneakers went for $132,000, essentially making them the most expensive retail sneakers. Buscemi released these as part of their flagship store opening in Manhattan.

Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game”

These Air Jordan 12 have a great story behind them. Michael Jordan wore these at the “Flu Game” because he was down with the flu. After Game 5 of the NBA Finals 1997, he actually gifted them to a Jazz ballboy from Utah.

They didn’t go up for auction until 2013. Grey Flannel Auctions carried out the auction, and the iconic pair of Jordans was sold at $104,765.

All top five most expensive sneakers in the world are above $100,000. However, the record currently held by Air Jordan 1s could easily be broken anytime. People are willing to throw any amount of money at these rare and prized sneakers.