recover files

How to recover files and its steps


Having lost literally 99% of my brain cells in figuring out how to recover files from a crashed hard drive, I know how stressful it can be. If you have accidentally deleted files or emptied out your PC recycle bin, here’s how to get all of that data back. We are gonna get into how such scenarios happen, and we’ll also give you the steps to recover the data. 

How do data loss scenarios take place? 

There might be several reasons for data loss due to a corrupted or crashed hard drive. In some cases, the loss of data might be because of physical damage incurred by the hard drive due to logical data loss. 

Typically, some types of physical damage cannot be taken care of by yourself. They need professional help from the hard drive recovery service. But in most cases, data loss is not caused due to physical damage, if the damage is not caused because of physical damage, it can be easily retrieved with the help of hard drive data recovery software. 

When the issue is due to logical data loss, the data is lost due to accidental deletion or formatted hard drive. When such a situation takes place, the hard drive tends to lose the reference to where a particular file is. The file will be present in the hard drive though. 

One of the stupidest things you can do unintentionally is emptying or clearing the recycle bin. When you do so, the computer tends to remove any last bits of reference to where the files are stored. On the basis of the type of device and the hard drive file system, disk drill hard drive recovery software will be able to get a hold of the file, but only if it is not overwritten. recover files


Steps to recover data from crashed hard drive 


  • First of all, you will have to download and install a disk drill for your PC version. It is available for windows and Mac. 
  • Now, when you have downloaded and installed it, it’s time for you to launch the software. Select the crashed or corrupted hard drive and then click on the search for lost data option. Mac users click on the recover button.
  • You should now preview the selected files with a deep or quick scan. Disk drill gives you the opportunity to get the complete disk scan report at the end of the recovery operation. The list will contain the report of all partial as well as complete files found. 
  • Now, click on the Recover button to recover all of your data. Disk drill doest take a long time to complete the recovery which is one of its absolutely amazing features. When using a disk drill, you won’t have to go through any complicated interface, just one click and all your data is recovered.  recover files

Tips for avoiding data loss 

As wise men say, prevention is better than cure, so here are a few tips to avoid data loss. 

Straight up stop using the device?

In case you are hearing any weird noises like clicking or grinding, just a new device buddy. Before you actually stop using the device, give the byte-level backup facility in disk drill a try. This will create a viable backup which will also include the deleted files. 

Use an antivirus?

Antivirus software will help your device stay protected from malware and virus. Most malware and viruses that attack your PC might actually result in a data loss. 

Backup your data every now and then 

It’s important that you have all your data protected if anything happens. When you do so, you will be able to get the data back without the help of any software or recovery system. 

Protect the storage device?

Your storage device should never be kept in too hot or high humidity conditions, this might cause severe damage.