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How to Lock Apps on Android Through App Locker


In this digital age, data and security go hand in hand. If you use computers or any kind of digital devices like mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. then you most probably have already shared a lot of information online that is somehow related to you. A lot of people would agree that there is nothing on the internet that can harm them or their reputation but that’s not the truth. Think of all the passwords, credentials, bank details, transactions, credit card information, etc. is stored online. Now I am not trying to scare you off but it is better to be cautious and prepared. As we are advancing more and more towards better technologies, we are getting more dependent on our smartphones than ever before. Almost all the apps in it, store or gather information on its users. Now, these apps may or may not be malicious but if someone with malicious intent tries to get to your phone then your data will get compromised.

Best App Lock for Android


One of the best ways to protect your data from getting hacked is putting it behind strong protection. There are many app locks in the market which are quite capable of doing the job. Now the security does not mean that it should be limited to apps that deal with your banking transactions but to all the apps which you don’t want others to see. So here are some of the best app lockers for Android.

One of the best app lockers in the industry is Secure Lock for Apps by Systweak Software. It can lock almost all the applications present in your phone whether they are social media apps, games, to your image gallery. To get started, you simply need to download the application > install it > and launch.

You can set up a passcode or a fingerprint, depending on your preference. After that, you simply need to just lock the applications by clicking on the lock icon. Don’t worry, even if you forgot your password, you can easily recover it using the mail recovery option which you can register while installing the app. The application is quite compatible and lightweight which doesn’t affect the performance of the smartphone.

If you want to secure your smartphone while also charging your phone look then Apex Launcher is the app you should go for. The launcher comes with themes, customizations, effects, packs, etc. It also has a strong app lock feature embedded in it. It is not as flexible as the dedicated app lock but the themes make up for it. You can also hide apps in a separate vault which a lot of app lockers don’t consider. And not just apps, you can also hide elements like dock and clock to give a more personalized feel.

  • Applocker

Now you may find many Applocker apps in the market but we are talking about Applocker by BGNmobi. It is another amazing entry on our list. It is quite cheap compared to other apps which charge a hefty fee for the subscription. If you are looking for something simple and straightforward then this is something you should definitely get. It has almost all the features a normal app locker has and some more. You can set a fingerprint, passcode, and a pattern type password as well. The user interface is fairly easy to understand even for beginners. You can also put n extra layers of security and can stop other users from uninstalling the app without your permission.

  • Applock by Norton

You may have used Norton’s antivirus software or at least have heard its name. In the field of digital security, Norton has been quite a reputed company with strong goodwill. This is also a lightweight app and can be used on the phones easily. It is free of cost and hence won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. You can set a passcode or a pattern lock and can secure your device. The app also scans your smartphone for potential apps that should be locked and offers suggestions to its users. Anyone trying to enter your phone without permission gets captured in the photo through the camera. It’s pretty handy for anyone trying to protect his or her data.

  • Smart AppLock

So if you are looking for another free locker for apps then this is it. It may be the last entry but is no less than the ones mentioned above. You can even lock the settings app and can protect your device from any kind of unauthorized changes. You can set a fingerprint or a pattern lock for easy and secure access. There will be ads on the app but that is just the cost of downloading a free app, otherwise, the app is quite effective.

So these were some of the best app lockers for Android that I wanted to share with you. Even though everyone tries to keep their devices in the vicinity but it’s better to be prepared than to regret it.

Hope it helps.

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