How do I choose a color scheme when wedding planning?


It’s Q&A time with Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos!

You might be tempted to say, “We’ll figure out the color scheme at some point, but let’s book some of the vendors first.” wedding

And then you talk to florists about flower options…and colors. And you start to see venues…and you realize that each of them has really specific colors.

So what I’m getting at is that the color scheme is really important to set from the start. So how do you choose one?

Unless a client is positive about the exact colors they would like to use for their special day, I create options for them based on the initial consultation we have together. I get to know their personalities, as well as their extreme likes and dislikes. Depending on the colors, I usually choose a pop of color with 2 neutrals. Sometimes I will choose 2 colors with 2 neutrals.

First step:

  1. What’s your favorite color? Now, I don’t mean your favorite color in general, I mean when you look at wedding photos, do you tend to get excited when you see pastels, deep jewel tones, glitter? What are you attracted to?

Next step:

2. Think about the time of year you want to get married. If you’re considering a wedding of deep jewel tones, that might not look right for an outdoor summer wedding. But of course…it’s your wedding, so if it makes you happy, go for it!

And finally:

3. If you’re having a wedding party, consider colors that will be flattering for them as well. I know, I know, it’s your wedding, but these are also your closest friends and family, and you want them to feel great too. The happier everyone is, the better your wedding day will be for everyone!


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Amanda Hudes