How can I look fashionable without looking like I’m trying too hard?


It’s Q&A time with Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos!

It’s the good ‘old question of how to look stylish without looking like you’re TRYING to look stylish. fashionable

Growing up, I had these knee-high boots I just love love. My friends called them my “moon boots” because they were black with silver square pads on the front, and they were much cooler than they sound. Some of the boys made fun of them, but I didn’t care because I loved them. People said, “I couldn’t pull those off but you can.” I always wondered why I heard that growing up. And then I realized why as I got older. Why could one “pull it off” while others couldn’t, or thought they couldn’t? CONFIDENCE. I just wore what I liked, what made me feel like me! Now I’m not saying where a white tee because you like it and it feels safe. I’m saying wear a white tee with a great accessory that gives you that unique edge and really says ME. When we are ourselves, how can we be trying too hard?

Look at everyone you think is fashionable. Do they all project a sort of confidence? Suddenly people are calling biker shorts stylish again! Why? Just for today, wear an outfit that makes you feel good, even if you feel a bit nervous doing so. Hold your head up high and your shoulders back. Strut. Don’t just walk. Strut.

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Amanda Hudes