Home Safe Home: Importance of Feeling Safe and Secure in Your Own Home


A home is much more than just a roof over your head. It’s a place you and your family like coming back to, somewhere you feel cozy and sheltered from anything bad that could happen. Of course, to truly make your home into a sanctuary, you have to make sure it’s safe. We’re about to give you a few tips that will help you do just that.

Be neighborly

Bringing a welcome basket to the family who just moved into your neighbourhood is an old, almost forgotten custom that definitely deserves resurrecting. Knowing your neighbors is extremely important and it can provide you with a certain peace of mind and sense of security, since those are the people who are actually closer to you than anybody else. If you know who lives around you, it will be much easier to notice somebody who is out of place hanging around your property. On the other hand, if your neighbors know you, they can keep an eye on your home for strangers as well.

Furthermore, if at any point there’s a medical or any other sort of emergency, being friendly with your neighbors means that you’ll have somebody to rush to for help, which can actually save lives, but it can also increase your inner feeling of safety and think positively.

Put important possessions in a safe

Jewelry, documents, big wads of cash — all of these things deserve to be kept in a special, hidden place. If you have luxury possessions that you want to keep away from prying eyes, then getting a safe is a pretty good idea. Even if your house does get robbed, having a secret safe will mean that your most valued possessions are still with you.

There’s another thing you should consider protecting — your gun. If you have firearms in your home, a good handgun safe is practically essential, especially if you have children. A gun that isn’t being kept in a safe is just an accident waiting to happen. Besides, a quality firearms cabinet can keep your prized possession from being damaged, stolen, or misused.

Find a locksmith

If you bear in mind that many robberies happen during the working hours, you can end up feeling uncomfortable and on edge whenever you hear a noise. Coming home after a stressful day at work and not being able to unwind inside your own home can feel devastating. Here’s how you can help ease the anxiety: hire a reliable locksmith. This can make it a hell of a lot more difficult for burglars to break in. This is a good way to keep your mind at ease and to avoid feeling unsettled by concern for your own and the safety of your loved ones.

Instal an alarm

An alarm will ensure that no one can enter your home undetected. Better yet, it can deter burglars from choosing your home as their target in the first place. In addition to installing alarms, most security companies will give you signs and stickers that you can display on your property that will let any passer-by know the home is protected by a special system. Most thieves will simply try to find an easier target instead of bothering with a well-protected home.

Keep away from prying eyes

Another thing that can make us feel distressed and uneasy is the feeling somebody is watching us. Whether you think somebody actually is watching you, or you’re just worried somebody might, you should do whatever you can to feel serene and protected from curious looks. The solution can be as simple as closing your blinds or investing in new curtains and draperies, which will make the inside of your home look warmer and more inviting for you, but prevent anybody from the outside from seeing what goes on behind your windows.

However, you should also be aware of the fact that people don’t actually have to be near your home to keep their eyes on you. They can do that via your social media accounts, which is why you should update the privacy settings to keep all your information safe. You should also avoid posting about when you go on vacation, when your home is empty, or when you’re alone inside it. You may trust your friends, but do you trust all their friends and acquaintances? When you start thinking about it more, it can lead to inner tension and nervousness, which is why it’s essential that you protect yourself online as well as in real life.

If you don’t feel safe inside your home, you may end up with anxiety, depression and even panic attacks. In order to avoid this and maintain your mental health, take all the necessary actions in order to enhance your safety and feel comfortable and secure where it matters the most.

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