Gifts for Every Wedding Anniversary Year


Wedding anniversaries are proof of successful years of fighting all the odds in life with your spouse. Cherishing this day, when you both took the vows and promised a forever, is important. And one of the crucial ways of cherishing your anniversary is over some gifts. So, what have you planned to present your partner this year? Still not sure? Well, fret not! As we have a unique list of gifts that you can choose to present your partner on your anniversary. These gift suggestions are based on the year of your wedding anniversary. Come, let’s begin-

  1. Paper for 1st Anniversary- Paper is considered as the traditional gift for your 1st wedding anniversary. Pick a gift made of paper that would strengthen your bond. Hence, a gift voucher would be an idol anniversary present for your partner that will give them the chance to buy what they want.
  2. Cotton for 2nd Anniversary- The 2nd year of your wedding anniversary gift should include something made up of cotton. The symbolism of versatility and durability, cotton is the perfect base material for your gift. So, a piece of cotton clothing or home decor would be the perfect pick for your soulmate.
  3. Leather for 3rd Anniversary- Leather implies the security and shelter that has come with three years of your marriage. Hence, a gift made with leather would be perfect as your third wedding anniversary. So, go for a leather bag or a pair of shoes, as per your choice and budget.
  4. Fruits and Flowers for 4th Anniversary- Though it might seem that flowers and fruits as gifts are quite usual, perhaps it is not. Both these things signify that your marriage has started to blossom and ripen, hence a fresh flower bouquet with some fruit-based gifts would be a nice choice. Go for fruit-based skincare or perfumes, if you want.
  5. Wood for 5th Anniversary- Famously known as timber anniversary, your 5th anniversary is surely special after all it is almost half- a decade. Wood comes from trees, and trees signify strength, wisdom, and time. So, invest in a gift that makes your bond stronger like a wooden plank with one of your wedding portraits or maybe some wooden furniture.
  6. Sugar or Iron for 6th Anniversary- 6 years of bliss with your life partner must have got you some sweet memories with iron-strong bonding! Then go for a sweet gift, maybe a home-cooked dessert for your partner or you can go for some Iron made junk jewelry or an artefact. Choose whichever you want and leave your partner in awe.
  7. Copper for 7th Anniversary- Copper is one of the best heat-conductors and thus, a gift made from copper for your 7th anniversary symbolizes the heat and warmth you two share. You can go for home decors, mugs, etc. in copper, as your 7th-anniversary gift. You can easily find one such wedding anniversary gift online, in just a few clicks.
  8. Bronze for 8th Anniversary- Your marriage of 8 years might be a mix of varied emotions that have made you two stronger as a couple. Bronze is also a mix of Copper and Tin that makes Bronze stronger. And it is one such metal, that is widely used and loved when presented as an artefact or decorative. So, go for it!
  9. Pottery for 9th Anniversary- 9 years back, when you begin your married life, you both might be a lump of clay lying on the pottery wheel. But over the years, you both have shaped each other to fit in each other’s life. So, a gift made with clay like a personalized mug or personalized set of crockery can be of help.
  10. Tin or Aluminum for 10th Anniversary- 10 long years of togetherness calls for a special gift. So, get your partner a Tin or Aluminum made gift, that does not wear out and is flexible enough to manage well in tough times, just like you two. Go for a keepsake box made out of Tin or Aluminum that helps your partner, keep all your love notes and little gifts in it, for years.

So, that is it for this post, and we hope that it would be of any help to you. Stay tuned for more posts like these until next time.