Casino Games

Different Types Of Casino Games


The main types of traditional casino games are a mix between card games, dice games and Roulette, which is a wheel-based game. The most common casino game has to be roulette, and you can go and learn more here about this game. Players place bets on pockets around a wheel specifying numbers, colors, high or low numbers, the croupier spins the wheel and the player waits with bated breath to see where the ball will land.

Card Games

Blackjack and Poker are card games. Blackjack basically being Pontoon or Twenty One or the French version of Vingt et un. Players compete against the dealer and not each other.  The aim with Blackjack is to get close to twenty one. An ace can be classed as either one or eleven depending on the card you require to get you to the golden number.  Any player who reaches sixteen can ‘stick’ as anything that takes them over twenty one will play them out of the game. The player has to get as near to twenty one as is possible.

However, Poker is a family of card games with immense strategy and skill required. Players compete against each other and the length of a poker game depends on the number of players and the skill level. Generally a poker game will involve six players and could last an hour but with a higher skill level it could last much longer.

Slot Machines

Slot machines, the US name for them, or fruit machine as known in the UK are non-interactive casino games with players sitting on their own competing against the slot machine.  Initially it was a poker-based game with the invention going back to 1891. Then there was no monetary pay out and rewards came in the way of good such as alcohol, predominantly beer and cigarettes. The slot machine progressed quickly and in 1895 it started to pay out money rather than winnings in the form of goods. The payout was half a US$. In 2003 a payout from a slot machine was almost $40m, the winner deciding to take an annual pay out of US$1.5m over a period of 25 years rather than the full amount at once.

Play Online

With modern technology these games can now be played online via a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer. This takes away not only the entry fee applicable for a traditional casino but also a rather strict dress code and rather strict rules. Online casino games allow you to play anywhere but sometimes without the adrenaline attached to a traditional game. For example, poker will not have the same adrenaline rush and excitement playing online even if against virtual players than it will sitting round a table trying to gauge someone’s body language and strategy.

Summary of the Casino Games Available

In summary, a lot depends on what the players game is and what they prefer. If the player has always visited traditional casinos and likes the glamour of them then they will probably stick with competing this way, if not then players have the ease of still playing the most popular casino games but perhaps more convenient.