Australia west coast tour – Isolated beaches with unparalleled beauty


The incredible continent is a feast to the beach and nature lovers. As here one can cuddle and have a close encounter with the Super friendly Australian native animals and big monster size aquatic animals. Another uniqueness of this continent is that the three of the world’s largest ocean together form the Australian coastal line. In the coastal line, one can see people from different nationalities around the globe as its a blend of mixed culture.

The West Coast of Australia Tour gives you the ultimate experience with its scenic beaches. These region doesn’t have many visitors as this place is away from the cities. On this west coast, one can see the wonderful white sand beaches along with crystal clear waters. Experience remoteness with the less crowded beaches. It is famous for Surfing as it offeres the world’s best-surfing spots Margaret River and the capital city of Perth. Besides these, also enjoy the unforgettable camel safari on the beach and swimming with the whales.

Things to do on West coast of Australia

Ningaloo Reef

This Ningaloo Reef is a marine park that is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the world’s longest and amazing fringing coral reefs. The underwater paradise stretches from the Bundegi beach to the past Coral Bay and Red Bluff. It as the world’s largest aquatic biodiversity with 250 species of corals and 500 different species of fishes. It provides easy access to the coral reef as it lies in close approximate to the offshore.

Near the outer edge of the Ningaloo Reef, you can see clear waters that have a rich inhabited aquatic life. Here the visitor goes for the snorkeling irrespective of age and the experience. Moreover, with the help of snorkeling expertise, you can visit a few secret spots. This gives you a jaw-dropping view of the aquatic life. This natural marvel, a home for vast species of aquatic animals. This place surprises you with a white shark which totally harmless where you get an opportunity to swim with them.

Karijini National Park

The National park is a blend of desert, mountains, river, and erosion of rock-cut which is 2,500 million years old. This is indeed this place worth a visit. However, when you are planning to visit this national park, make sure you visit during early spring or winter. Whereas in summer temperature raises unusual which makes you uncomfortable to roam around the place for sightseeing.

Instead of planning a day trip, try to stay at the national park campsite for one or two days which gives a unique experience. For this especially during peak season that is from June to September. Make sure you book this place in advance. While visiting Karijini national park, makes sure you also include these places such as Dales Gorge, Fortescue Falls, oxers lookout. Besides this, the national park has a home for rich flora and fauna.


A tranquil place with 22 km white sandy beach and gems natural pearl, turquoise formation in these regions makes this a famous tourist attraction sight. Besides these, a red cliff which popular for the extended ancient species dinosaur foot mark. These footprints are clearly visible on the Gantheaume point. In fact, these places take us a million years back with their historic connection with Dinosaurs. Another popular tourist activity here is camel safari. One must take the ride during the sunset which gives an incredible experience on the white sandy beach.

Hyden Wave Rock

The marvelous natural formation of rock resembles a huge wave which is around 15 m. The total height of the amazing is the rock is 15 meters and 110 meters long. If you want to visit this natural formation of wave rock then visit the Hyden Wildlife Park as it part of it.

While driving towards the wildlife park especially during the months of August to November. Visitors will be dazzled with the amazing wildflowers that blossom on the side of the road. The park is home for the native Australian animals like  Koalas, rare White Kangaroos, Emus, and Wombats.

Margaret River

A place that offers unlimited activities on the waters of the Indian Ocean. If you are a surfer then you are in right place. Try some of the best wine from here during your stay. Besides this, you can go for numerous other activities like mountain biking, kayaking in the river waters. Along with this visit the most incredible and one of its kind Mammoth Cave which has limestone structure hanging from the roof.

Visit jetty’s underwater observatory. Here you can see the different varieties of coral and wide species of fish in the tropical and the subtropical region.

Monkey Mia

The best way to end the incredible Western Australia tour is by visiting the Monkey Mia Reserve. Here, yearly thousands of visitors come to feed the bottle-nosed dolphins. The friendly aquatic creature makes your trip worth visiting there with moves and friendly gestures. This place locates in the Shark Bay Marine Park and coastal world heritage site in the Denham town


Plan a trip to Australia to explore the unexplored places. The pleasant undisturbed beaches of west Australia with crystal clear water and tranquility. The snorkeling and swimming in the ocean waters with aquatic animals. This leaves you with incredible experiences.