Activewear Trends of 2020

Activewear Trends of 2020


Activewear Trends of 2020: The steady and massive growth of the global fitness industry is primarily associated with increasing health consciousness among people in different parts of the world. Today, people are seeking ways to maintain a balanced diet and stay active while going about their day-to-day activities. Due to this increasing demand for fitness-related products and services, related industries are enjoying the same market growth and seeing huge surges in their number of customers.


With more people focused on staying fit today, it is no surprise that the activewear industry is booming, and much like the fashion industry, it is highly driven by trends borne out of consumer behaviour. From recycled polyester activewear to zipped sportswear, 2020 has introduced some of the most innovative and stylish activewear trends yet. Check out this short list of the major trends this year, and you may just be inspired to get new pieces for your wardrobe!


Sustainable Activewear


What better way to start the list than by talking about eco-friendly activewear? Undoubtedly, this trend is one of the biggest in 2020 and expected to stay in the coming years as consumers are now more conscious about their purchases. Regular activewear is known to be highly unsustainable as common materials like nylon and polyester contribute to the millions of tons of waste generated each year.


With synthetics topping the list of fabrics that contribute the most to environmental pollution, companies are now turning to the production of recycled polyester activewear. Yes, you heard it right! Recycled polyester is commonly sourced from PET bottles, which is prevalent in industrial production and consumption. Using it to produce activewear is thus part of an effort to promote a circular economy and reduce their carbon impact.


Zipped Sportswear


Fitness enthusiasts are now looking for activewear that combine fashion and functionality for the ultimate wardrobe pieces. Aside from workout bottoms with pockets, zippers have also become equally popular. Consumers are actively seeking leggings and sports bras with zippers for easy wearing, convenience, and added style. Zip leggings are particularly popular among those hopping into the athleisure trend or the trend of wearing activewear for leisure!


Pastel Colors


Have you browsed your social media feed lately and noticed an influx of pastel-colored activewear? If so, that should come as no surprise as the pastel trend was borne out of influences from celebrities like Bella Hadid. Muted colours like seafoam green and mauve pink, along with other pastel colours like aqua and peach are growing in popularity as consumers seek more “fun” options aside from the traditional black.


Seamless and Sculpting


Nowadays, when customers are looking for activewear pieces, they put emphasis on finding seamless and sculpting pieces, especially with workout bottoms. Sculpting and shaping leggings, in particular, are one of the most popular searches today as these pieces certainly enhance the look of the wearer. Seamless pieces, on the other hand, provide added comfort, so much so that many who have tried them have converted their entire wardrobe to have seamless activewear!



The activewear industry has evolved a long way from when it first began decades ago. With the fitness industry being a multibillion-dollar industry today, activewear companies have also grown and, along the way, explored innovative designs and methods to come up with interesting pieces. After all, it can be extremely motivating to workout and stay fit when you have functional, convenient, and stylish pieces to wear while you do that.