7 Home Emergencies Only A Plumber can Prevent


Do-it-yourself home improvement has been gaining popularity these days because of the spare time that everyone has during this pandemic.

Parents who used to work five times a week are now stuck at home, working at their mini-office. We all know what happens to moms and (some) dads when they are inside the house. They always find something to fix, improve, or decorate.

Thanks to Pinterest, parents, and couples can learn to do anything about home decoration, installation, or repair. But let’s admit it, there are home repair projects that we cannot do on our own. Some of them are related to our home plumbing system.

Here is a list of seven plumbing issues that should be solved by professionals providing plumbing services.

Worn out a leaky faucet

There are faucet problems that you can handle on your own, like a loose handle that only needs tightening. However, there are faucet leaks that cannot be solved by following DIY youtube videos alone. One example is a faucet that keeps dripping even when you tighten the handle or fix some outer parts.

This leaky faucet problem may be caused by a damaged part inside the faucet. It may require the disassembling of the whole faucet system and replacing a worn-out internal part.

Overflowing toilet

Okay, let’s face it. A toilet bowl that spills over grosses us out more than any other plumbing problem! You simply cannot handle this on your own. Sometimes, a plunger is not enough to fix a problem like this because a worse underlying issue may cause the repeated overflowing of your toilet bowl. You need an experienced plumber to work on this plumbing emergency once and for all.

Sewer pipe bursts

Just like an overflowing toilet, a sewer pipe burst is such a messy job. The sewer is that part of the plumbing system that collects drainage water and wastes from our home. When one of the sewer pipes burst, it may be too much to handle for someone who is not a professional. That’s why calling a plumber is the best solution for this.

Sewer backup  

Another complicated plumbing problem is a sewer backup. This happens when wastewater that’s supposed to travel from home to the sewers flow backward instead. When this happens, home water can be severely contaminated, and health problems will threaten your family. Sewer backup is a rare case, but once you experience this, you have to reach out to professional plumbers right away.

Complicated drain clogging

Common drain clogging can be manageable through DIY solutions such as lemon, hot water, and baking soda, or a plunger. But when drain clogging happens more frequently, the problem could be deeper into the plumbing pipes. Even if you can unclog the drain using a plunger, it comes to a point when it’s already irritating because you keep doing it once a week. It’s one of the plumbing issues that should be taken care of by a professional plumber.

Rings going down the drain

Rings and precious items going down the drain is a problem that you wouldn’t want to encounter because it’s simply nerve-wracking! And the truth is that the situation might get worse if you try to solve it on your own. Better get help from plumbers with the right tools. You can trust them to safely get your jewelry out of the plumbing pipes.

Water heater not emitting hot water

Nothing compares to the relaxation that a warm shower brings. When the cold and rainy season comes, you’d want to start your day with hot water flowing from the shower. But when your water heater is problematic, you have no choice but to bathe with icy cold water in the morning.

If you don’t want that, then you should hire a plumber to fix your water heater. There are many possible causes of this plumbing issue. It’s not a good idea to rip this bathroom fixture open and youtube your way into a solution. The safest choice is to call a plumber to inspect and fix your home water heater all at once.

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