Celebration During lockdown

Celebration During lockdown? Here are Quick Ways to Top up your Celebration


Everyone is going through a difficult phase. As we have set a lot of plans for what to do in our lives, everything has come to a still. Well, don’t worry too much because things are not going to be the same.

Festivals are a reason to bring a happy smile on our faces. When everything is so unpredictable, we can at least plan for the good old days. With just a bit of creativity and the power of the internet and technology, Here are quick ways to top up your celebration

Zoom Dinner Party

People have found out the replacement for their social gathering and Zoom dinner parties are now trending all over. Cook the same food as your ‘guests’, prepare it and decide the time to eat together. You can organise games after dinner such as charades, Pictionary, antakshari, etc.

A movie Night

You can plan a movie night at your house or a friend’s house. You can ask your friends to gather at a place and decide to watch one or two movies on Netflix. To add some spice you can also arrange a special gathering together before you start to watch movies.

Organize a virtual party  

You can ask your friends and family to come on a video zoom call where everyone can gather around and talk and have some food and have a virtual birthday party. You can also deliver a birthday cake for the birthday person where he/ she can cut the cake on a video call.

Personalized Video

You can make a video where there can be every one of birthday boy/girl’s friends and family. Where everyone can wish him/her on their birthday through a video and that video can be combined with everyone’s video. You can also play that video on a TV screen while he/she cuts the cake. That would be very memorable.

DIY Card

Nothing can be a better gift than a handmade card. If you are far away from your close ones for instance, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can convey your wishes over a DIY Raksha Bandhan card. Because a sister can do anything to make her brother feel special even if she is not so creative, but she is always ready to make endless efforts for her beloved brother. So, do not miss the opportunity to spark a love for your brother on every special occasion and festival. You can even send online rakhi India or any part of the world wherever your brother resides.

Homemade Drinks

In this pandemic, restaurants, malls, bars, etc. are shut. So, how about bringing a jar or mocktails and cocktails at home? Whether you like ice tea, shake, smoothie or mocktail, you can make everything at home. Try it!

Home Baked Cake

On special occasions such as marriage anniversary or birthdays, you can also bake a cake at home if you don’t want to risk outside food. You and your family together can celebrate by cutting that cake. You can watch the tutorials on youtube and also ask any of your friends who know how to make a cake. Everyone would love to have a cake which is made at home and everyone would appreciate that.

There are many other ways in which you can top up your celebrations. All you need to do is stay positive, stay happy and stay safe.