Renting an Apartment in Benidorm Long term


At the heart of Valencia is the town of Benidorm. It’s a place where the only thing better than people is the weather.

That’s right, you’ll find lots of fun things to do alone, or with family while in this town. You can enjoy the day’s warm weather over by the beach or take a trip to Benidorm Island and explore nature’s finest.

In any case, you’ll love what this town is all about. It’s no wonder many apartments in Benidorm that are available for long term rental are moving fast.

But before you get one yourself, here’s what you must know.

What to Know Before Renting an Apartment in Benidorm long term.

Set a Budget

Although the price of apartments in this town is fair, it’s always good to plan ahead. Know the recurrent and long-term costs of renting. And then set a budget in line with that.

You can plan for basic things like;

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Cable service
  • Water & Food

With those out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on other things that matter.

Read before you Sign

Above anything else, you must read and understand the contractual obligations. Get to know what the landlord requires from you, and vice versa. Your part should involve looking at;

  • The contract’s expiry date
  • The rent price and details about the security deposit
  • The instances where a landlord can end your contract
  • The guest policy
  • Any responsibilities that fall on you like repairs

Keep in mind that leases are legally binding and as such, you want to ensure everything checks out before.

The Location

Yes, location matters a lot. But in any case, you want a place where you have access to;

  • Workstation
  • Grocery store
  • Social amenities

You also want an area where you feel secure and private. A place you can conduct your business at peace. Well, Benidorm is full of those, and rest assured both North and South sides are secure.

Check for Documents you may need

In a country like France, you must show at least a recommendation from a local. But in Spain you might need;

  • Proof of income
  • Tax Identification number
  • Passport or ID

So, contact your landlord and ask what they’ll need from you beforehand. Make sure you bring the necessary documentation to your next meeting.

Ask to see the Property

As a standard procedure, you must always ask for a tour of the apartment. Visiting in person gives you the chance to check out the finer details like;

Walls and Windows

Check if the windows are open and close with ease, or if the walls have cracks.

Shower and Sink Faucets

Notice the water pressure from both of them. Make sure there are no leaks in the pipes too.

Electricity and Appliances

Check to see if the lights and electrical devices work.

The situation with the Neighbors

Will you be living in a noisy environment? Do the neighbours hold loud parties? All these are factors you must assess.

Always Negotiate the Price

The long terms renters in Benidorm can ask for a slash in rent. But as always, the final decision lies with the landlord or property manager.

But in essence, people who rent for the long haul have better ground for bargaining.

Look for a good Property agent

Check the reputation of the rental managers and how they treat their clients. You want a good landlord who will listen to your needs and solve problems. Someone responsive and doesn’t pick fights with their tenants.

Avoid the problematic type whose only concern is the rent.

Ask for Extras

Before closing a deal, you can ask for extra services like free internet, Cable TV or free water. These are all good deals for renting an apartment long term.

Get Rental Insurance

To protect yourself from any liabilities it is always good to seek a cover. Remember, the building’s insurance covers only that, the structure.

Basically, you need a reliable policy that covers the things in your apartment. So that “god forbid” something happens you won’t have to start from scratch again.


The excitement that comes when renting an apartment can blind you. As such, this simple guide should be your reference when considering renting.

And remember, you’re renting for the long term, so you want to have a smooth experience the entire time.

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