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The Holiday A-List: A $670 Christmas Cracker

Posted on December 20, 2012 at 9:30 am / Posted by

Asprey1You may know Phillip Treacy as the hat guru behind some of Lady Gaga and the Royal Family’s best looks. Now the designer is branching out designing a luxurious limited edition Christmas cracker for British brand Asprey. Only 80 have been created and the traditional crackers include confetti, a funny joke written by David Walliams (its a tradition to include a joke inside of the cracker), and a sterling silver thimble. One of the 80 crackers will also include a winning ticket for a bespoke hat designed by Phillip Treacy. Why the high price? The cracker shell and hat are handmade, while the spiraling bows at each end of the shell has been produced through 3D printing.

Phillip Treacy for Asprey Christmas Cracker, $670,

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