Should I eat smaller meals to lose weight?


It’s Q&A time with Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos!

This is a great question during the social media era of seeing a million photos of food every day! Personally, I see some posts and am hungry just looking at them, asking myself, “How could I ever eat that little and not be ravenous an hour later for another meal?”

So does eating smaller meals actually equate to weight loss?

I believe in Volumetrics. From my experience and expertise, it’s really not so much about how much you’re eating if you’re eating real food that is nutritious and energizing for your amazing body! And yes, I said “amazing” because it is in fact A MAZ ING. What will help it to function even better? Good food, so rather than focusing on the amount, focus on the WHAT. Does it look appetizing? Does it have tons of nutrients?

If you’re hungry, you will think about food the entire day. And why do that to yourself? ENJOY your meals and snacks.

So while you will probably lose weight if you cut your portion size while maintaining the exact food choices, you may have a tough time with that and feel deprived.

I would love to hear how this goes for you!

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Amanda Hudes

Amanda Hudes is the Founder of Smiling Through Chaos event planning. Through her business, Amanda helps to relieve busy women from the stress that can come along with coordinating weddings and other major lifetime events. She also helps them to look and feel their best in the process through relaxation techniques, exercise guidance, health consultations, and fashion styling. Smiling Through Chaos offers everything needed for an amazing event and a big smile on your face.

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