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It’s Good To Be A Celebrity Tot! Rachel Zoe Throws Son Skyler A Lavish Jungle-Themed Birthday Party

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm / Posted by

rachelzoe1 Its Good To Be A Celebrity Tot! Rachel Zoe Throws Son Skyler A Lavish Jungle Themed Birthday PartyWhen you’re a celebrity, there’s only one thing you love spending your hard earned cash on more than yourself—and that’s your children. Case in point: super-stylist and reality TV star Rachel Zoe and her always devoted hubby Rodger Berman (who even knows what kind of Birkin chains his high maintenance wife likes) definitely shelled out the big bucks for their adorable son Skyler’s second birthday this past weekend.

Although his actual birthday was on March 22, the family was seemingly too caught up with Passover plans and traveling to appropriately celebrate—hence why they did this past weekend. The family celebrated with a safari-themed jungle shindig in the backyard of their Beverly Hills mansion, where Zoe dressed for the occasion in a head-to-toe Missoni outfit, and Skyler rocked a chic fedora and what we’re almost positive is a children’s Gucci jacket (he’s been spotted in the brand numerous times).

rachelzoe2 Its Good To Be A Celebrity Tot! Rachel Zoe Throws Son Skyler A Lavish Jungle Themed Birthday Party

The party was conceptualized by Los Angeles based party planner Clarissa Rezende, who specializes in fancy children’s fetes. The goodie bags included bath crayons, a monkey bath mitt (whatever that means), animal squirts, and a bath toy bag. The food was handled by the Beverly Hills-based company Candybar Couture which is known for creating lavish dessert bars, and from what it seems like thanks to Zoe’s Instagram, there were a whole lot of cupcakes. Skyler also got to celebrate with not one, but two cakes.

Considering that Skyler is a celebrity tot, he naturally has to socialize with other celebrity children. Ali Larter and husband Hayes MacArthur brought their two-year-old son Theodor, Molly Sims brought her son Brooks, Gavin Rossdale (without wife Gwen Stefani) brought son Kingston, and Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane came with three-year-old daughter Billie.

The Zoe-Bermans aren’t the only celebrity family that have thrown a splashy birthday party for a kid who likely won’t remember it. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allegedly spent $100,000 on Suri’s second birthday—which included a $5,000 cake from Wolfgang Puck. Kourtney Kardashian brought in a full petting zoo and carousel to her backyard when son Mason turned one. And Mariah Carey threw a party for her twin’s first birthdays in Paris, complete with mini white pianos and toy Ferraris as gifts.

No word on what Skyler got for his second birthday, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it came in an orange box.

Images via Instagram

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  1. Olivia says:

    It really is a cute party! The gold safari animal toppers on all those cupcakes are actually from my Etsy shop

  2. cook says:

    who cares…again they only have money to trash because people buy,use,look..ect they money could have been use better then on a two year old that’s had no ideal what was going on


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