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Inside Denise Rich’s Annual St. Tropez Yacht Party: The Lavish Guests, The Crazy Decor, and More

Posted on July 22, 2013 at 5:00 pm / Posted by

Denise Rich Annual Party In St. Tropez

You may think that the Hamptons is the unofficial playground for the rich and famous come summertime, but many seriously loaded folks shun the U.S. in general, and head to Europe in order to cool off and indulge in debauchery. The destination of choice? St. Tropez. Although the South of France isn’t as chic as it once was, it still draws socialites, celebrities, and athletes alike.

Every year, one of the most anticipated events is Denise Rich’s party onboard her yacht, Lady Joy. If you aren’t familiar with Rich, you should be. The 68-year-old songwriter is successful on her own, but is extremely wealthy thanks to her late ex-husband, fugitive financier Marc Rich (who passed away last month). After the devastating loss (they were still close despite being divorced), it’s no wonder she wanted to party—and that’s exactly what she did last Wednesday.

Denise Rich Annual Party In St. Tropez

The carnival-themed bash brought out the likes of athletes like Magic Johnson, casino mogul Steve Wynn, Joan Collins, Ivana Trump, and New York social fixture Dori Cooperman. This wasn’t just any event. According to Page Six, not only was the entire dock decked out in a red carpet, but the dance floor literally rotated in a circle and had a big top over it. To make it even crazier, there were women performing circus acts above it.

Obviously, Rich can afford to shell it out for this type of lavish bash. After all, Lady Joy is a $38 million, 157-foot mega-yacht, so it’s only natural that she threw an event befitting such a ridiculously large vessel. You can definitely expect to see more of her around Europe’s social scene this summer, as she recently renounced her U.S. citizenship for tax purposes.

Denise Rich Annual Party In St. Tropez

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