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The Holiday A-List: When Jewelry and Art Meet

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 9:30 am / Posted by

freywille The Holiday A List: When Jewelry and Art MeetArt and fashion are becoming increasingly intermingled—just look at this year’s Art Basel schedule with brands ranging from Cartier to Fendi debuting artist collaborations to get a sense of the trend. Jeweler Frey Wille has mined inspiration from Austrian expressionist artist Egon Schiele creating an eight-piece collection with pieces titled “Bohemian Air” and “Dancing Muse,” inspired by some of Schiele’s best work like “Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer” (pictured above).

Schiele’s work set a record at a London auction in 2011 when one of his rare cityscapes sold for $40.1 million, proof of the artist’s growing importance. One of the best benefits of this Frey Wille collection as far as we are concerned is getting to show off your knowledge of Austrian expressionist painters.

FREYWILLE Bohemian Air Bordered Diva Bangle from the Hommage À Egon Schiele Collection, $1,625,

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