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Beyoncé’s Diva Demands On Tour Include Enormous Dressing Room and $900 Straws

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 1:00 pm / Posted by

Beyoncé banned photographers from her concerts after the Super Bowl, when many unflattering images of her came out.


She obviously gets very involved in her craft while onstage.


A true diva.


Beyoncé may position herself as one of the most humble stars out there, grateful for all her blessings and just happy to be doing what she loves, but let’s not forget that she is a total diva. Last night, she kicked off the first of six shows in London as part of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour at the famed 02 Arena—and she had some pretty lofty demands.

After arriving at the arena by a private helicopter, the 31-year-old star immediately took issue with one very important thing: Her dressing room! While the dressing rooms are said to be luxurious and massive at the arena, she just didn’t feel they were big enough—and opted to get ready in the ones that are normally used for entire sports teams.

Of course, she reportedly customized the rooms before she arrived with white drapes, leather sofas, and dramatic carpeting. This isn’t the only demand Bey has had while on tour. Here’s a real doozy: The singer shelled out $900 dollars for titanium straws, which is allegedly the only thing she will drink from during a tour. And when it comes to an after show treat, she enjoys a hand-carved ice ball to cool her throat. Junk food is banned entirely backstage, and she prefers that everyone on her team wears only 100 percent pure cotton, naturally.

Her management has also prohibited photographers who aren’t hired by her specifically from attending the shows, after unflattering images (see above) of her performing at the Super Bowl caused an Internet sensation.

Frankly, we think there’s nothing wrong with looking crazy while onstage—especially when you’re in the zone. But Beyoncé does what she wants to do, and what she wants to do is have bigger dressing rooms and drink from really expensive straws!

What do you think of Beyoncé’s diva demands? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. John Patterson says:

    First of all, I’ve toured, though on a much smaller scale than Beyonce, and a lot of strange problems arose. In my rider I had to say: Required: At least 1 chair with 4 legs of equal lengths.
    The only other thing I required was some mint herb tea. Maybe I should have demanded that the dressing room be spotlessly clean which would have saved me from being brought to a dressing room packed with stinking band uniforms and broken furniture. I had to dress in the wings. I should also have required that the stage have no holes in the center nor the pathway to it. I had to jump across a hole in the middle of the stage to do my show. Beyonce’s demands are not outrageous SINCE SHE’S PAYING FOR THEM. “…she reportedly customized the rooms…”, “The singer shelled out $900 dollars for titanium straws…” Beyonce’s attentions to her throat are not excessive. She’s on a multi-million dollar tour where she’s expected to be excellent every single night! Her demands are intended to set herself up to meet that demand for perfection. AND, to repeat: SHE’S PAYING FOR MOST OF IT! Get off her back!!!!

    • Sharon Jones says:

      Amen! It is by far, not nearly the craziest AND, SHE IS PAYING!!!

      • Jason Calabasas says:

        Doesn’t the promoter pay for everything? How can you demand something that you yourself are buying?

    • hruss1125 says:

      Perfect reply John Patterson. When Spencer Cain becomes wealthy, he can make demands. He’s trying to make Beyonce out to be a diva, and she is. She works hard.

    • wstwood says:

      I have to agree, as long as she is pYING THE TAB, ITS UP TO HER HOW SHE ANTS THINGS.

    • Rob says:

      All it says is she paid for the straws only not the whole package.

    • g1g3m says:

      And people wonder why CD’s cost $17 and some people just download the damn albums with bit torrent.

    • Christine says:

      I truly believe that it’s really none of our business what she or any stars choose to do with their millions. Of course, we all have opinions on what and how they should be spending it…but in the grand scheme of things…who really cares? Beyonce is a very talented artist, we cannot take that away from her…as far as her attitude…we only know what we hear in the media…so I’m pretty clear that unless she is in your life and you know her personally…none of us can comment on her attitude, being a diva, or her insides being ugly…so let her do her thing…and we all do ours…in the long run..nothing will change anyway…she does her…you do you!!

  2. carlo says:

    I think she is worth a helluva lot less than she thinks she is. I hate Divas of any persuasion and I would not walk across a narrow one lane road to see Beyonce perform.

  3. K says:

    Whatever she really isn’t that significant, she is only good on stage and can’t carry an intelligent conversation let alone admit she didn’t birth a baby.

    • Kayline Morris says:

      I think that maybe itś a bit over the top but there are worse demands and there are demands that take less work, shes famous, so yes they get wrapped up in it and think they are the best things but other than the 100% cotton and entire sports team thing, it isn’t so bad, I mean come on it could be cheaper but hey, she can afford it. But it is a bit selfish to demand all that stuff. I agree with both, she has the money but she also could use it for other things

  4. journeyhouse says:

    give me a break. children gomto bed hungry.

  5. Stephanie Roa says:

    This isn’t true at all lol

  6. nunyabiz says:

    she is classless arrogant low life scum

  7. Angie Moree says:

    I guess if she can afford it – its her choice…..or she could give us people that buy her tickets and mechandise a little bit of a cut so we could afford more things that we wanted – but it will not be $900.00 straws, the straws I buy are 1.00 for a large packand come in assorted colors.
    I really think we pay these people way too much money, when they have so much that they spend it on such bull crap…just my opinion

  8. Brady Porter says:

    I spent 19 years prepping arena dressing rooms for stars in Europe. There’s often crazy, demanding stuff for bigger stars. Michael Jackson was the worst, but I can’t by law disclose it. Beyonce’s demands are stupid and wasteful – even for a huge star like her. The most impressive rider of a huge star of equal calibre is Diana Ross. I probably set her up 50 times. She wanted the usuals: carpeting, phones, drapes, flowers, furniture, a stir-fry, mesculine salad, beverages and 8 unused white terrycloth towels. For her band: A hot and cold buffet with regular, vegan, veggie, kosher, low sodium and low fat foods – a full bar, a large assortment of juices and sodas and all unused foods had to be donated immediately to a shelter. I heard she was a terror, but she was always nice when we had occasion to speak, but she’s the ONLY legend to think more of her band than she did for herself. I was so impressed with her lack of demands, I bought her the best Egyptian cotton towels in London.

  9. eteu spencer says:

    Beyonce is enjoying the money and power that her success brings her. Most of us would become eccentric if we were millionaires.

  10. Jersey Girl says:

    Here’s a person who could feed a small country for an entire year, and with all her humble posturing, I would think she would be doing just that. $900 titanium straws? I think she’s a jackass.

  11. Matilda says:

    Typical behavior for those who have more money than common sense. Ride hight while you can Miss B cause one day us commoners will forget about you and your diva demands.

  12. Briyana says:

    There are so many better things she could spend her money on. $900 Straws?! 100% Cotton?! There are children out there who have never even dreamed of $900 straws because they are to busy thinking of when their next meal will come! There are people out there without a place to sleep, or if they are lucky, they live in a small place, but a luxurious and massive dressing room just isn’t enough for Beyonce. That is VERY CONCEDED and SELFISH and BITCHY! I mean COME ON! “everyone on her team wears only 100 percent pure cotton”- What kind of bullshit is that? Atleast they have clothes !

    • What business is it of yours what she spends her money on!!!??? If you don’t like her or her requirements, move on! Get a life and watch someone you feel is worth the money.

      • Eddie Olmeda says:

        @ John Patterson. Many of you keep reminding us that it is she who pays for this, so why should we care. Actually, it is her fans that pay for her great lifestyle, fans that are paying crazy ticket prices. How on earth can you justify 900$ STRAWS ? How can you justify that anyone around her must wear cotton? She has lost touch with reality..

    • Hime says:

      Oh god…it’s not her or any other rich person’s problem what “the starving children of the world” are going through. Honestly if women who don’t have any money would just keep their legs shut instead of thinking having children is their god-given right then there wouldn’t be so many starving kids. With all the idiotic women out there who keep wanting kids even though the economy is shot the problem is only going to get bigger…it doesn’t matter how much money one gives either to shelters or to third world countries, the kids will keep being made. Honestly it’s better to just let the excess die off…even if you donate a bunch of money to feed these kids for a whils most of them aren’t going to make it anyway. There are too many people in the world. Perhaps if we let all the ones who can’t be fed die off then these third world countries (and the first world countries with stupid women who can’t realize they don’t have money to raise children…) will finally start having less offspring.

    • Gigi Lemaitre says:

      Guys, she is her own manager, don’t forget that she is paying the tab at the end! Don’t bitch about the 100% cotton, she gives all her clothes for charity after and she Brings an extra bus on her tour for people to give clothes for poor people for her own ”Beygoog” foundation! The titanium straw was prooved to don’t change the water taste and keep germs away, that’s how she can sing by herself for more thant 2 hours per night and 5 times a week! She is the entertainer number 1 worldwide, let her do what she wants! I met her before and she is the nicest person ever, and I met a lot of stars with my job!

  13. sonia says:

    Let her enjoy it while she can- MONEY has bought her success but, I don’t know about her BEAUTY- her BEHAVIOR and ATTITUDE are UGLY!

  14. Annette says:

    Should not b like dat.. we see wat she do wit her money..real women divas take care of business not play house wit it

  15. Dizzy says:

    i don’t think the demands like the cotton clothes and the carpeting are a big deal, she’s a singer and she needs to protect her voice! i have friends who are singers and certain materials like fur can affect their vocals when they inhale like tiny particles of them or are near them. it’s almost like an allergy. it’s totally justifiable. more than i can say about the titanium straws though….

  16. `Actually, it’s really my fault and your fault because we bought overpriced tickets to see an overrated person ‘perform’ and then spend our money in a mindless, self serving way. If we were smarter, we could probably combine most of our ticket money and support the needy of our locale for a day or two; with enough left over for a good CD, a pizza and a 6-pak or two. And that might make us feel pretty damn good. At least we might not feel so ripped off. Just saying. Annie T.

  17. Melissa Howard says:

    She is entitle to what ever she wants. Stop hating people.. Gosh!!!

  18. Amanda says:

    I think her demands are ridiculous.

  19. Juliette says:


  20. Donna Gallion says:

    If you are dumb enough to buy her tickets, then she has the right to waste your dumb money!

    • sandy says:

      Now I so agree with this comment, I really don’t care what she does with her money because she will never spend a dime of mine on stupid things because I don’t attend anything Beyonce, movies, music, nothing, she is not that important to me. You can only be angry if you spend your money attending Beyonce events.

      • Kathy says:

        So Sandy you said ” I really don’t care what she does with her money because she will never spend a dime of mine on stupid things because I don’t attend anything Beyonce, movies, music, nothing, she is not that important to me.” Yet you took your precious time to open the link, read the article, and not stop there but post a comment. Either you’re an idiot, or she is a little important, or both.

  21. doris says:

    I could understand this type of service if she was ELVIS PRESLEY, but he was just the opposite. He always remembered where he came from and gave to others. Maybe, Beyoncé needs to read about how polite he was to directors, stage personnel and even JANITORS. That is what I call a class act.

  22. Kathleen says:

    pathetic,obnoxiously gauche display of wealth. totally in bad taste….

  23. Chelsea says:

    Yall are stupid, and clearly not a fan if you believe any of this. By the way, saw her on tour front row & guess what she was drinking out of? A regular bendy straw. lol stay mad tho

  24. Anna says:

    why’s she always showing her pants?

  25. MrSatyre says:

    You do realize that the strange demands in riders are to guarantee that they are actually read so that important things are not overlooked? Not because the artists really wants or needs those unusual things.

    • backline says:

      Well, Yes&No. I think you’re paraphrasing a, now, PR myth to excuse such excesses (which are so real.) Case in point the jolly ol’ Van Halen “no brown” M&M’s rider – which is probably the start of the ‘rumor':

      These are in fact more, as originally, Theater Technical requirements (equipment etc) than what has become now a seeming standard set of Hospitality requests: it’s one thing to obviously hope for clean, functional dressing rooms etc, and mostly lighting and/or sound, security, safety understanding. Of course, based on demand, artists can expect to ‘demand’ some more exceptional setups – even painting, refurbishment – since it’s a sellers world and generally rider cost$ are borne by the promoter/event and essentially become extra fee (more a management trick than anything; keep your artist happy by someone else paying…) Many large-scale tours/events effectively become as complex as a movie/studio location setup with kraft services for crew, refill of tour disposables, location specifics (union, electrical, merchandising, permits, visas, temp staff, blah blah.)
      Many ‘big’ Bands, esp., effectively tend to now handle most logistics completely to avoid misunderstandings, fraud (try building a heavy-metal band stage in India, say…), and make the upfront performance fee complete (with obvious exceptions; after all what’s a tour-manager to do…!?)
      And I do have some know-how; I did U2’s 360 tour (3 yrs, 3 touring stages, 38 trucks, 250+ crew – see: Try sending THAT list with “no brown M&Ms” inserted to ensure the band goes on @ 9.

      p.s. Ironically “$900 titanium straws” are apparently not in Beyonce’s rider/s (along with alkaline water @ certain temp ;-)

  26. thepoisonousmushroom says:

    ass ugly, high testosterone she boon

  27. Lottie Carey says:

    She is ridiculous! She actually thinks she is all that and she really isn’t! Pampered spoiled brat!

  28. Lisa Christy says:

    ever since her and jay-z have been playing house and added on to that family it seems that a lot of her values have been turned upside down and inside out I thought that bringing a child into this world was supposed to be an eye opening experience so that you are showing your child a good role model they definitely need to rethink that approach

  29. miss Chelle says:

    i wish she’d just die in a fiery plane crash. All this from a semi talented gutter snipe? Did she learn her Marie Antionetteisms from the Blobama’s?

    • Hime says:

      Here you are wishing painful death on somebody you don’t know, and yet you think she’s a bad person for spending HER OWN MONEY (or her promoter’s, it doesn’t matter, either way it isn’t your money) on what she likes? Are you mentally ill or just stupid? So let’s say you buy a 20 dollar lipstick when you could get one for 99 cents, do you think that means you ought to get run over twice by a truck? And do you think that if you were, the truck driver would have been right, because you wasted 19 bucks of your own cash?

  30. Dana Lee says:

    seems ridiculous… tho i am not in her world, so i cant say what brought her to these requirements. it’s very easy to get judgmental. maybe she is really relaxed about other issues that another celeb might not be. maybe these are the only things that she gets particular about.

    • roniedog says:

      Bunch of ignorant people with your stupid ass comments. Ain’t your money being spent on straws or anything else. Quit your grumbling and get a life. You don’t like her’s, check you own!

  31. alex says:

    i never liked her. none of her songs catch me. she is just like justin bieber. she needs to get real and use some plastic straws, and donate all that money she spends on her 900$ multiple straws and esigner clothes to charity! to people who are wearing dirty clothes with holes in them! and no food to eat! what a SELFISH B*TCH. she isnt anything special, but she does have a good voice, but everyone is good at something. its not what you get its what you give that counts!

  32. lily says:

    Totally stupid!! The drink is going to taste the same no matter what kind of straw she drinks from.
    As for the dressing room, you can only occupy one space at a time, whether you’re in a 3 x 6 cell or the astro dome.

  33. Jerry says:

    If only she had the true talent to back up those outrageous demands. Please.

  34. Lorraine says:


  35. Momma says:

    Is her life,her career only she knows how to take care of her vocal cords. Plus being away from the comfort of her home for so long I would think one would like to make it as comfortable as possible. You don’t like it skip to the next article as simple as that.

  36. PGSanchez says:

    OMG people. She is an entertainer. She is famous, beautiful and intelligent. She donates plenty of money to charities and she has not forgotten where she came from. Do any of you know anything about her besides this article? If you don’t like her don’t support her. You don’t have to make these stupid comments about how she chooses to spend the money she makes. Geez… find something better to do…

  37. Liss Firefly says:

    Ahhahaha. Someone put Beyonce and humble in the same line. I think the internet is broken. She is a super-diva.

  38. JJenkins says:

    This bitch is stupid and so extra


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