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15 Festive DIY Holiday Wreaths

Posted on November 29, 2013 at 3:00 pm / Posted by

Citrus fruit makes this wreath particularly special. We also imagine that it smells pretty unbelievable.

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We love that this creative wreath uses wrapping paper bows! An easy DIY project, and you can even customize the colors to your home's decor. 


Bells give this traditional wreath a very fun twist. 

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This wreath screams the holidays, combining leaves and pine cones. Classic, and utterly chic. 


This simple and elegant wreath combines white leaves and pine cones. It is perfect for a high design fiend's home. 


This wreath made using rosemary will make any home smell and look like the holidays. 

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Proof that gorgeous wreaths don't have to include greenery. 

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We love the gorgeous mix of white and brown with this wreath. It would look perfect in a minimalist home, undoubtedly.

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This wreath just screams Christmas thanks to the color combination. We love that the base is sticks rather than greenery, which gives it a modern edge. 


The mix of greenery and flowers on this wreath makes it entirely gorgeous and inviting. 

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This wreath demonstrates that there are creative ways to display your holiday cards after all. 


A simple wreath with simple lights is sometimes the perfect choice.

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Who knew a minimalist wreath could be such a statement piece?

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Willow branches make for the perfect wreath base. 

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Brown velvet and acorns are getting us in the holiday spirit, thanks to this wreath. 


Now that the holidays are fully upon us, you are probably in the mood to decorate. And nothing says the holidays like a gorgeous wreath.

Here, 15 of our favorites that you can use for inspiration, all easy to create yourself.

Have a favorite? Share it in the comments below!


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